Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Everyone has an opinion about Donald Trump, should not come as a surprise then that I have one, too.

In way of a wayleading generalisation: after the first 5 minutes of listening to Donald Trump, I thought – how very refreshing! The political room needs a fresh breeze, and he will bring it!

And after the first 5 minutes of listening to Cruz and Rubio, in way of runner-ups, I thought the former lacks any character, and the latter is a (forgive me) uptight young prick. One of those numerous 30+ upwardly agressively mobile young men whose only motive is personal success and advancement. Well prepared and very factual, but cold and mercyless. Who needs someone mercyless to chair over themselves?

That opinion was from waking up in the middle of the Republican debate on CNN and listening to some of it. Important here is to note that this may actually be how much an average voter gets to hear from a candidate or has patience to follow.
On the next day I watched the rerun of the debate and my opinion cardinally changed. Over longer stretches of speech, Cruz demonstrated positive will and flexibility to work things out, to find solutions – the cooperative power that I think is so important in the kind of politics where you need to find answers that suit as many people as possible.

And Rubio let out a rather soft, even shy smile when stepping onto the stage. He has it in himself! Just probably afraid to show? Politicians are supposed to be tough guys, you know, and the younger guys diligently follow the rules, too afraid yet to do it their own way.

While Donald Trump with his every new statement turned more and more into a boisterous but empty clown.

He is still refreshing, in that he says out aloud many things that many people would like to say, but are deterred by manners or the established rule of political correctness. Whole new population stratas thanks to him might acquire at least some interest towards top politics – towars the voting; and maybe for the first time over a long stretch they might feel part of it and included.

It amazes me, actually, that (as fas as know because I do not follow all so closely) no other candidate seems to have learned from Trump. They do not seem to pay attention to these voters at all or do not try at all to compete with Trump, for those votes. Will they just leave them to him? The simple and coarse Americans, I mean here, who are still in touch with real life, because they still (for example) do actual work or fight actual life problems.

But about Trump, I have the following doubts. Firstly: what are his motives, even, to run for presidency? He certainly does not need more money or more fame, or more proof of being an achiever. Does he take it as a highest level competition, of the kind where he has not participated yet, and his businessman’s soul yearns for a good fight and (simply) – to win!  Tender-style, you know?

Then what if he wins? Will he indeed have will and energy to carry on for the 4 yrs, or perhaps his motivation will run out at the victory itself? I have noticed it happen with some presidents in my own tiny countryship but also elsewhere, who have lended their persons to the elections out of a kind of mercy – from the good will of  the type “ok, I can go serve my country, if needed”. Or, in case of some – from pure vanity. Persons, who actually consider themselves too good (yes!) for the position that would not add so much
to their already high status and famous name, and the already comfortable life style, even easier without the presidential duties and obligations.

These presidents then have proved to be little more than chair weights. They have lacked real motivation, real program and any real initiative to get anything at all meaningful realised during their tenure.

It would be easy for Trump, at any time when he feels fed up with that play, to simply declare he is “simply a busnessman” after all and “politics is not for him”, or anything to that end, and step out and go on with the rest of his life, undisturbed.

The ones who are too good/famous/rich for trying hard.

And the second thought that kept surfacing… Is he in it simply for the opportunity to design and secure new, enormous, ever-lasting building contracts for his construction businesses? That idea of a physical wall between Mexico and the US, you know?  “Mis meelel, see keelel,” the old Estonians said, or: “The mouth is the interpreter for the heart”…

I do not think he will be the next president, though. He keeps the crowds amused, so they are giving him good numbers now. But on the real election day, having enjoyed the performance, people will go and vote for someone safe and without surprises, who they trust will not embarass them or go and flame up anger against their country.

That person, most likely, will be Hillary Clinton, the more so that there has been a black president already and was not too bad, then why not try a woman next. No surprises, and does the job diligently.

(I missed all the Democratic debates, but again it just makes me equal to an average voter, I suppose. ;P )

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